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Many businesses underestimate the importance and value of having terms and conditions displayed on their website. As a business owner, terms and conditions can be a valuable investment in the protection, growth and success of your business, covering a wide range of issues in one concise, user friendly document.

The beauty of website terms and conditions is that it applies to anyone visiting or using your website, without the need for signed contracts and lengthy negotiations. From general terms use of the website to dispute resolution and governing laws, your terms and conditions can cover it all, providing you with a valuable and cost-effective way to create transparency with your customers and to manage risk within your business.

While the list is endless, the benefits of having terms and conditions tailored specifically for your business include the following:

  1. Establishing rights and responsibilities between you (the business) and website visitors and users (customers) without the need for lengthy contracts.
  2. Limiting your liability by including disclaimers about the content and use of your website.
  3. Confirming ownership of intellectual property on your website including the content, designs and logos displayed on your website.
  4. Improve your customer experience by managing expectations about the products and/or services you offer and creating transparency through returns, cancellation and privacy policies.
  5. Help your business comply with the law by confirming governing laws and addressing aspects of applicable legislation that may be relevant to your industry or product offering.

Terms and conditions are a cost effective and user-friendly way for any business to set the ground rules for their website users and to ensure that the business is pro-active in managing its risks and complying with applicable laws.

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