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While waiting for prospective buyers to view the property and submit an offer, there are a few proactive steps you should take to avoid delays with the transfer of ownership process. Here are a few steps to take while your property is being marketed for sale:

  • Gather all your FICA documentation. The transferring attorney/conveyancer who is appointed once you sign an Offer to Purchase will require a copy of your ID, proof of address, income tax number and marriage certificate, if applicable.


  • Locate the original title deed. If a bond is registered over the property, the Bank retains the original title deed. If the property was bought for cash, then you will have the original title deed. If the original title deed has been misplaced, certain Deeds Office procedures need to be followed for the replacement of the title deed.


  • Give the 90-day cancellation notice to your Bank- if there is a bond registered over the property you will be required to give the Bank 90 days’ notice of your intention to cancel the bond. If the bond is cancelled before the 90-day period has elapsed, then an early termination penalty is charged by the bank. If the bond is cancelled after the 90 days, then no early termination fee is applicable.


  • Appoint a transferring attorney/conveyancer. It’s always the seller’s choice who they wish to appoint, so familiarize yourself with a transferring attorney who specializes in property law. Communicate your choice to your estate agent.


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